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As a Hip Hop and R&B writer/artist, Lou Tha Writer creates fun and introspective music for every mood and occasion. In addition to having worked with legends like Warren G, he’s also collaborated with respected producers such as Grammy nominated Jairus “J Mo” Mozee and Dnyc3 (League Of Starz). As well as Grammy nominated producer Craig Brockman, popularly known for his collaborations with Missy Elliot.


Born Louis Summerville in 1987 in Long Beach, California, Lou had an affinity for music at an early age. 


Lou currently has 140+ TV and film sync licensing placements as a writer/artist. The most popular being “Know what I know” featured on Marvel’s The Defenders. Being a staple in the Long Beach, Ca. underground Hip Hop scene, he is well respected for his lyrical prowess and versatility. After more than a decade of independent releases as “Lou U” he has built a cult fan base. In January of 2021, he put out a project titled "Beach Baby" under his new name “Lou Tha Writer”. The name change is a chance to rebrand and express his passion for writing songs for other artists. After all his hard work, Lou now has the opportunity to work with Iconic Choice Management as a songwriter. The company is co-owned by world famous vocalist and musician, Jackie Jackson of The Jackson 5. Lou also has tons of new music lined up to be released independently, including Beach Baby 2. Scheduled to be released summer of 2021.